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The death of journalism in America

As my bio says, I’m just a newbie reporter. So perhaps it’s presumptuous of me to opine on the State of Journalism with only a few years of experience under my belt. But something—okay, everything—bothered me when I read this post on Poynter. “…But nothing journalists do will reverse the dark tides of popular cynicism. […]
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Yes! Finally! A MySpace for journalists!

Just what I’ve always wanted! And no, I’m not being facetious.
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See you at ROFLcon!

This is ROFLcon! I can has ROFLcon? Oh, the memes we’ll say. Oh, the shenanigans we’ll have. I just bought my ticket to ROFLcon—I could never forgive myself for missing out on something this awesome, in my backyard no less. So yes, I’m going to go. I’m going to blog it. I’m going to take […]
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