My new favorite site and a near-brush with celebrity

My new favorite blog. Yes, this is a very shameless plug. My three friends and I love to cook, and this is our blog. The three of them live in the same house (both floors of a double-decker) and I’ll be moving in as the fourth resident sometime soon. We call that house “The Awesomesauce” simply because we couldn’t think of any other name. Hence “Awesomesauce Eats,” because we eat. A lot. We’ve been thinking for a while now it’s time we started a food blog, and finally she-who-calls-herself-Plumduff made us our new home. You have to blog what you love, right?

I almost ALMOST got to meet Adam G of UniversalHub yesterday. While I was covering the very very big AIIM/OnDemand 2008 expo at the BCEC, he was upstairs at DrupalCon. (Guess what CMS he uses!)

For Boston-area bloggers, Adam G is a demigod. Okay, he’s a superhero. Something like that. He’s a cool dude who works hard on covering Boston-area news with a fresh and local take. For that, he’s earned a huge following. Hopefully I’ll get to meet him in person some day, but until then March 5 will remain as “the day I almost met Adam G.”

It’s still a bit early for spring, but Plumduff and I will be going for a walk after work to enjoy our recent balmy weather. We’re done snowboarding for the season, so she’s getting ready to run some half-marathons and I’m giving my road bike a much-needed tune-up. The winter felt a bit too short this year, but I’m never one to complain when it’s time to come out of hibernation.

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