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Back from vacation, done with Digg

Vacation recap Hi everyone—sorry for the lack of updates, ever since I got back from my *wonderful* vacation in California, I’ve been swamped with work. Same ol’ story, eh?
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California countdown and the BEMF’s Psyche by Lully

Comments and URLs posted in this blog are now officially DOFOLLOW. So comment away :)
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Surface view of Yoshiki’s next project: S.K.I.N. (an undertaking of epic J-rock proportions?)

Those of us who follow Japanese rock are all a-twitter over the latest news from Yoshiki (the man! the myth! the legendary J-rocker!) Disclaimer: If you have never heard of Yoshiki or Japanese rock in general, the rest of this post will be utterly confounding. Apologies in advance! Last year at Otakon in Baltimore Yoshiki […]
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