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Post amnesia

I’m biking for The Hub On Wheels in two weeks and have been preparing for it. I’m only doing the 25-mile route as I have something to do that afternoon (XKCD meetup!), but I was curious if I am physically capable of biking the full 40-ish mile route. So just for kicks a few weeks […]
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Back from vacation, done with Digg

Vacation recap Hi everyone—sorry for the lack of updates, ever since I got back from my *wonderful* vacation in California, I’ve been swamped with work. Same ol’ story, eh?
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Signs of life

I did a little tweaking to the WP interface over the weekend but not nearly as much as I’d wanted. Trying to reverse engineer someone else’s code is a bit tricker than I remembered! Thankfully, the creators of the base theme I’m using now were very meticulous about keeping nomenclature clear and used plenty of […]
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