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The Content Marketer’s Pledge

Randy Fishkin (@randfish) of SEOMoz uploaded a recent presentation with a fabulous Content Marketer’s Pledge nestled at the end. His Content Marketer’s Pledge is so simple and so great (like all sticky ideas!) that it bears repeating: The Content Marketer’s Pledge I, [name], pledge to create something remarkable. Something that people will love. Something they […]
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What the eff is my video content strategy?

I got a cool assignment recently (no, seriously!) of writing up a video content strategy. When that assignment fell in my lap, I couldn’t wait to get started — I knew it was going to be a fun challenge in an area that’s still rather undefined. From my old journalism days, I knew that video […]
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Here’s to brand journalism

Tonight some colleagues and I went to a book signing by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan as they promote their new book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. I’m not even close to a Deadhead but I’m always fascinated by a good case study, so I’m looking forward to reading this book. While we […]
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