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ROFLCon–you can has. Day one liveblogging, updates

Live updates from ROFLcon at MIT in Cambridge! Photos, tweets, geekery. <3
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Post amnesia

I’m biking for The Hub On Wheels in two weeks and have been preparing for it. I’m only doing the 25-mile route as I have something to do that afternoon (XKCD meetup!), but I was curious if I am physically capable of biking the full 40-ish mile route. So just for kicks a few weeks […]
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The internets! It knows me!

The flickr greeting I received today was both unintentionally quite funny and a bit unnerving at the same time: click to enlarge the picture Reaction #1 (too-cool-for-this neo-geek-hipster wanna-be snark): O RLY? Reaction #2 (cripplingly self-conscious): is my greek so bad that flickr assumes i don’t even know how to say hello? Reaction I should […]
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