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Vsnap: One more app from SXSW 2012! [addendum]

I give a roundup of Vsnap, an awesome video recording and sharing app that I tried out at SXSW 2012.
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Kinetic typography: A wordless challenge

A friend of mine, Katie Harris, created a really nifty bit of video content that I wanted to share. Her assignment was to take an instrumental piece of music, make an onomatopoeic score for it, and animate the music with her score. Since Katie’s assignment was for a typography class, her choice of font was […]
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Social media video: Unwatchable!

Fellow content producers, let’s not navel gaze, just listen to this guy. [edit] It seems as though the original author has pulled the video from YouTube. I’ll look for a mirror.[/edit] Love this, love this.
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