2 apps I learned about at SXSWi 2012 that I am totally using at my wedding reception

I’m in the middle of doing a Tech I Love series, but I couldn’t wait to the end of those posts to mention these two nifty apps I ‘met’ at SXSW this year. After all, as my post title says, I have a Rather Large Party coming up. These two cool social-mobile apps would amp the geek level of aforementioned occasion to 11. So here they are:

What is it? A social-mobile app that lets you and your party use your phones to DJ YouTube videos you want to play on a big screen (like a TV)
How does it work? You download the app, you set up a screen (let’s say a TV) that has an internet connection, you scan a QR code and your phone is now a remote control for the TV. If you have a party of people and they scan the QR code too, they can vote for videos to play on the TV. Basically instead of everyone fighting over the next YouTube video to check out, everyone votes in Clik and Clik plays that video on the big screen. I can’t even count the number of parties I’ve been at where everyone eventually starts talking about ‘that funny video they saw on YouTube the other day,’ and Clik provides an easy (and frankly sane) way for a big group of people to share those videos on a TV.

When did you try this? Clik had a neat street booth at SXSW this year right outside the Austin Convention Center. They’d set up a huge video screen and I’d often see crowds of people sitting in front of it, talking with each other about what videos to play next, or coaxing neighbors to vote up the song they wanted to play. At one occasion, somehow I managed to convince people to vote up my selection, which resulted in one of my prouder moments at SXSW — sharing KyaryPamyuPamyu’s “Ponponpon,” which really has to be seen to be believed:

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PONPONPON at SXSW 2012, courtesy of Clik

Party potential: Most of my friends and my fiancé’s friends are on the geeky side (surprise!), I think they’d get a kick out of being able to DJ the music by using this app. Yes, I realize means serious potential that our wedding reception will get Rickrolled… repeatedly… but I, for one, welcome the inevitable torrent of Nyancat videos.

What is it? A mobile photo sharing application, which lets you upload and download mobile phone photographs en masse — but privately.

How does it work? Anyone who wants to upload or download photos needs to have your special passcode to access the ‘photobag.’ You set the passcode when you upload photos to Photobag, and you share that passcode with your friends to download them. Very simple.

When did you try this? I noticed a Japanese flag hanging over a section of the SXSW tradeshow and thought I’d take a peek at what was up and coming from developers in Japan. Little did I know I’d find a booth staffed by professionals dressed as geisha and kabuki actors! Once I got over my surprise, I took a peek at what this company, KAYAC Inc, was offering.

Party potential: For every friend of mine that owns a DSLR camera, there’s another friend who only uses their smartphone to take pictures. Photobag would make it a lot easier for us to corral all the pictures our guests take with their cell phones, as unless those friends remember to upload their pictures to Facebook later on, cell phone photos have a tendency to never be shared.

Note to the nerdy: Both Clik and Photobag are available for iOS and Android.

Are there any apps that you tend to bust out at parties? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

[edit] Oh man! My awesome friend Trish notified me that I completely forgot to mention a no-brainer app for this list: Vsnap! Fret not, Trish, I’ll make an addendum post tomorrow just for Vsnap.