A call for crafters—help out the victims of the Everett fire!

As most Boston-area residents know by now, yesterday there was a massive gas-truck explosion in Everett, Mass., which took out many cars and several homes in a huge conflagration. I don’t know if you’ve seen the photos, but the destructive power of the fire was positively hellish. Miraculously nobody was killed or even hurt in this disaster, but 13 families are now homeless, as the houses burned in the fire were multi-family.

Boston-area blog UniversalHub has been posting information for people who want to help with monetary donations, and just today it also mentioned a way to help that really interested me. Here’s the post:

“As some of you are aware of there was a fuel tanker that overturned and exploded yesterday morning in Everett MA. Well I just found out through my sister Debbi that my sil’s niece and her boyfriend and family were one of the houses affected by this disaster. This is her niece Laura. What my sister and I are asking is if there is anyone out there willing to knit up some 9×9 squares so that we can show Laura and Chris that people care. If you can that would be very much appreciated. I know alot of you have holiday knitting to do but anything would help. If you are willing to help you can send them to us by Jan 5. Then my sister and I will put them together. I want to thank everybody in advance. Laura is also the niece of a former employee of mine.”

— from Aunty RaRa’s Antics

Ladies and gentlement of the crafting community, I know we can do this! Certainly a 9 x 9 square isn’t too much to ask. If a lot of crafters get together on this, we could easily assemble a good pile of squares in a short amount of time. Keep an eye on Debbi’s blog as well as RaRa’s blog for details on where to mail in the squares—I’ll also post the address here if she gives me permission to do so. [edit] Please check out the comments to this entry—if you would like the address for mailing in the squares, please email Debbi (in the comments) or me.[/edit]

I’m working on three crafty Christmas projects at the moment, but think of it this way, if the deadline is January 5th, that means you have all of the AFTER-Christmas time to knit a 9 x 9 square…or two or three.

[edit] More details from Debbi, who is coordinating this project, can be found here. Knit-specific details:

“I would love the squares to be 9 x 9. Any color, any weight *although dk or worsted would be best* and I would like it to be washable. Other than that – it is up to you. “


PS: If you’re on Ravelry, feel free to drop me a line or add me there (here’s a link to my Ravelry profile). Perhaps we can start up a group for the 9 x 9 Everett squares? By the way, if you’re a member of my family, I strongly advise you to NOT click the link until after Christmas!

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