California countdown and the BEMF’s Psyche by Lully

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Five days until I cross over from east coast to west for my long-anticipated vacation.

In the meantime, I’m gearing up for a fun weekend with friends and family. Tomorrow, I’ll be at a barbeque in Gloucester (pronounced “Glaw-stuh” for those of you not in-the-know). Gloucester has lots of stereotypically-NuEnnlan’ seaside village vistas—basically more small boats and clapboard houses than you can shake a stick at. Oodles of fun in the summer and early fall.

For the barbeque itself, well, I’m bringing tzatziki, which is about as un-NuEnnlan’ as you can get, but if the host’s barbeque skills are as legendary as he and his wife claim, some of us may need the cooling power of this dip’s yogurt/dill/mint/cucumber combination.

On Sunday, my parents and I are sorta-thumbing our noses at gas prices, hopping in our extremely gas-efficient Corolla and making the two hour trek out to the Berkshires to see the Boston Early Music Festival‘s presentation of Jean-Baptiste Lully‘s opera “Psyche.”

I stupidly missed this performance when it was in Boston and hated myself for it. The BEMF always does an amazing job with its shows, I am a huge fan of the work they have done. And when they revive a long-dormant play by my favorite French baroque composer (granted, I’m not familiar with very many) and when said production earns critical acclaim from the Boston Globe and New York Times, I think it’s worth going out of my way to see. This will consume all of my Sunday, but I’m going to consider it a warm-up for my California vacation—lots of new things to see and hear, immersion in a new experience, all requiring several hours of sitting still in transit.

Probably California will have significantly fewer men and women in frilly petticoats and lacy crinolines, but since I’ll be at an anime convention for my first few days in Long Beach, there are no guarantees!