City mouse

I’m in the slow process of moving to a new home. I don’t think I’ve lived in the same place for more than two years since I graduated high school, so yet another move feels a bit tedious, but I’m pretty excited about this move for a lot of reasons.
One of which is the fantastic location: Downtown Boston. This is the view from one floor above where I live:

View from the roof

(Please excuse the grain, that’s ISO 1600 for you.)

Growing up my mom (hi mom!) told me the story of the city mouse and the country mouse. As I got older she’s often liked to cite that story. It’s no secret in my family that I’m the lone city mouse surrounded by country mice. Though I have to say, that story’s quite biased to the country mouse ilk–I really like the urban life.

…And did I mention there’s a pool on the roof?


That glow in the sky to the left is from Fenway park. On most nights when there’s a game, I can hear the distant roar of cheers from the window. Even though I’m not a sports fan, I really enjoy hearing it.

This city mouse is quite content!