Making the move from Content to Community

I’ve taken up a new role recently, and have shifted over to the awesome world of Community Management after years of being a Content Maharani/Maven/Moogle. Community and Content play really nicely together, and Community work is something I’ve been wanting to move in to for a number of years, so I am VERY excited about this move.

I realize it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this blog in earnest and, let’s be real, I bet a few people have taken the opportunity to look me up on their search engine of choice — so I’ll do a “what I’ve been up to” update in my favorite format — photos! Below are some of my favorite photos from trips I’ve taken (and yep, they are all photos I took). I’ve been writing in this blog of mine since 2007 (!) and photo updates are a pretty consistent feature here. So welcome and enjoy!

The Grand Canyon in winter, Arizona
Tempi, northern Greece
The sainted waters of Agia Paraskevi/Saint Paraskevi at Tempi (where the Muses once lived)
Mount Olympus, Greece
Olympus peaks
Basilica of Notre Dame, Montreal
Detail of the Basilica of Notre Dame in Montreal
Þingvellir, Iceland
Fingal’s Cave, Scotland
Fingal's Cave interior
The Highlands, Scotland
The Highlands
Dunvegan Castle on Skye, Scotland
Dunvegan castle (home of the MacLeods) at dusk
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
Carlsbad Caverns

If you enjoyed viewing these photos almost as much as I did taking them, then I am lucky indeed. Thanks for dropping by!