Fanouropita & Metaxa

Fanouropita + Metaxa
There are a lot of cool/weird/complex/funny Greek traditions out there, some of which are rooted in the ancient days and have since been amalgamated in Orthodox rituals. One nice and simple tradition says that when you need help recovering a lost item or help finding your way out of a problem, you pray to Saint Fanourios (whose name is similar to the ancient Greek verb “faino,” which means “to reveal,” as in “revealing a path”). If you find your lost item or successfully find your way out of a problem or troubled times, you bake an offering food to the Saint as a thank-you.

Food offerings go way, way back and no doubt this has roots in ancient traditions. And who doesn’t like an excuse to bake a delicious cake that has alcohol in it? :) This fanouropita (a cake for St. Fanourios) has half a cup of Metaxa (Greek brandy) and a splash of French orange cognac in it. Best of all, fanouropita is Lenten fast-friendly, meaning it’s totally vegan!