Flip the script on FUD: My guest post on the Version 2.0 Communications blog

The team at Version 2.0 Communications recently invited me to write up my thoughts on why Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) is a tactic to avoid in infosec communications. This topic is very near and dear to me, especially fresh off the heels of, unfortunately, much FUD-y messaging and content from RSA. It’s a tempting tactic to follow, as it seems especially easy—perhaps even logical—to emphasize the “dark and scary” in the world of infosec. Nonetheless, I urge everyone to avoid the FUD temptation:

Security professionals are savvy media consumers, some of whom will not hesitate to publicly criticize vendors for reliance on FUD. Instead of trying to get attention by playing to industry fears, be an ally instead. Your prospects know quite well that there are evolving threats out there and gaps in their defenses, with attackers constantly devising new attack methods—you’re not telling them anything new by repeating that.

For more effective infosec communications, flip the FUD script: Instead of fear, uncertainty and doubt, emphasize confidence, certainty and empowerment.

Why is FUD something you should avoid, and how can you flip the FUD script? Read the rest of my post right here.

A big thank you again to Version 2.0 Communications for the guest blog opportunity!

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