I gave in and got a Tumblr


Follow me there too, if you have a Tumblr.

For pechakucha-style updates – basically for “bits and bobs” that come in to my head – I think Tumblr makes a lot of sense.

I’d been resisting giving in to this. Admittedly my resistance was totally visceral, I just didn’t like the format, it reminded me a bit too much of Vox, which never really got off the ground and failed completely a few years ago. “Blogging for adults” and the whole attitude around that has always been anathema to me.

But Tumblr got it right. It’s supremely easy to share or like content and it’s friendly to quick-hit posts, great for the ADD generation, and a low barrier to entry for when you’ve got a nugget of an idea but not necessarily enough for a whole thought-out post. It definitely works.

[I’ll explain the title of the Tumblr, Meraki mou, in a post on the Tumblr in the future. In the meantime, a quick Google search should explain! Or you can always ask in the comments here… hint hint :)]