Japan Nite rocks TT’s—and yea, I was there

Had an absolutely fantastic time on Monday. It was Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston, but I didn’t have a sip of green beer. Instead, I was at TT and the Bears in Cambridge at Japan Nite, a tour of the Japanese artists from this year’s SXSW Festival.

It was PACKED to capacity. Most people were there as hardcore fans, but there were a lot of stragglers that wandered in, curious about the weird variety of acts–a ukelele duo, garage rock, reggae-inspired punk.

My absolute favorite group of the night was garage rockers Detroit7. Totally high energy throughout their set, Detroit7 tore up the stage. I think they only played a half hour but they were all completely drenched in sweat by the end of it. Intense, intense, intense! Needless to say when they finished I ran over to their merch table and bought their album “Great Romantic,” which I’ve been listening to non-stop for several days now. Keep an eye on these guys, I think they’re only going to get bigger and better.

The band in the header photo? That’s Scandal, four Osaka schoolgirls with a penchant for pop-rock. They have a lot of musical talent, that’s for sure. Too bad a lot of the rather sketchy guys up front didn’t really care.

As always, I have pics up on my flickr account. SXSW Japan Nite @ TT Bears photo set is here.