Looking for a Davis Square writing nook

Cabin fever season is upon us–there will only be so many nights I can spend in my room during cold weather before I’m clawing at the door. To make matters a bit more complicated, I’m also trying to discipline myself to write at least 4 pages a night, and I’m one of those folks that has to disconnect from the internet and all the distractions of my room (TV, PS2, crafts) to do it.

Davis Square has three obvious hangouts for writers in these months: Diesel Cafe, Starbucks, and Mr. Crepe. Right now I’ve been camping out at Starbucks–which inexplicably blasts its air conditioning even when its barely 50 degrees out–but I’ll be scoping the other sites more extensively as winter sets in.

Honestly, I’ve never been able to get a seat at Diesel, let alone a table or (gasp) a booth. And I feel bad hogging a big space as I’m usually only accompanied by one other person when I’m not writing entirely alone.

Mr. Crepe is usually also too busy for me to find a seat, and it still doesn’t have that sit-and-write vibe of the coffeeshops down the street… probably because Mr. Crepe isn’t a coffee shop! (Duh!) Though I have seen some folks biding their time with laptops near the windows, that’s not a common sight there.

Normally I can find a seat at Starbucks, even in the busy hours between 6pm and closing at 10:30pm. And the small tables by the window let me take a seat with an outlet without hogging tons of space. I’ve been able to write for hours uninterrupted there without other patrons glaring at me for being a space-hog. I don’t get the same feeling at Diesel — mainly because I’ve given out a few glares-of-death myself. But I do feel bad that I’m not supporting a local business, so I’d like to try alternatives if I can.

Are there any other spots I’m missing? Where do you go to write in the Davis area?

I live a stone’s throw from Redbones so all these Davis locations are a minute or two walking distance, ideal for me to just pick up my laptop and keys and bop on out of the house for a few hours. (And lack of free WiFi is actually a plus! I don’t have the discipline to abstain from surfing if access is free…)

[[Once Sacco’s Bowl Haven is converted into a Community Center — which is thus far named the unfortunate and cringe-tastic “Connections Center,” eww — I might not have this dilemma anymore.]]

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