I just updated the site with a totally new look—this one’s a lot more newsy and professional than the previous format. It also allows for greater photo integration, which is pretty sweet. I feel it’s a bit more conducive to quick-hit entries, and that’s what I’ve been wanting to do all along!

If you go into back entries all that far, they might not work perfectly with the new format. Sorry about that.

One last note: After a lovely year and a half in Davis Square, I’m moving out. Thankfully it won’t be a big move—I’m going to be about 5 minutes away by car, just across the border in Arlington. It’s bittersweet: I love living in Davis Square, but quite frankly, my rent’s awfully high. This definitely is a hot neighborhood and it’s been a blast living in the heart of it.

Go figure, when I put my apartment up on Craigslist, we got responses within a day, and barely two days after the listing went up, a new tenant already signed a lease! Amazing.