Such a thrilling life I lead

I took a look around my apartment this evening and realized that a lot of my personal effects really don’t make sense when dashed together:

I can't even understand this kind of incongruity
I am also probably one of the only people under 40 who actually owns a 5-cd changer stereo in addition to an iPod. Oh, and a best of David Bowie LP set. With a knitting Hello Kitty. With Greek pop cds. With feather fascinators. And mountain biking gloves.

I’m confused now.

The real news is this baby:
My new Janome sewing machine! I sold my trusty Singer on craigslist to someone who needed it more than I, and upgraded to a machine that’s a lot more heavy-duty and can work with the weird projects I’ve been making lately. Seriously seeing this on my doorstep was the highlight of my Friday.