The tunes that get you moving

Really, this is what the internet was made for: asking an audience of total strangers their opinion on some trivial matter.

I need a new workout mix. Since Daft Punk came out with their “Discovery” album, basically I’ve been bopping to the same tunes: oodles of electronica and somewhat-dated club music. It’s getting stale. (Ian Van Dahl is soooo passé.)

Visitors, I want your suggestions. I don’t care how anonymous you are, I see you out there, and I want to know which songs get you to stay on the ski machine for an extra fifteen minutes.

A few requests before the deluge:

1) No Journey. Seriously. (All I can think of when I hear anything by Journey is the karaoke episode of “Family Guy.”)
2) Needs to be fast-paced!
3) No Japanese pop or rock. I’ve got that area covered—if it’s good, I’ve already heard it, haha. I need stuff in English or other languages.

OK, let me hear those suggestions. Go nuts! It can be with or without vocals, electronic, folksy, in any language, any meter. (But not any tempo!)

[This post shamelessly made in lieu of thought-provoking content.]

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