This is what August means.

This is what August means.

My delicious dinner for the past few nights, I could live off this stuff all year. But really it’s the rarity of good, fresh tomatoes that makes this simple dish so precious.
The only downside of all this is that I can’t eat tomatoes any other time of year. That stuff they sell in supermarkets, that red-colored styrofoam mealy grossness, is totally unpalatable to me. I have to eat an entire year’s worth of tomatoes in basically a two-to-three week window!It’s worth it :)

In case you’ve never heard of this simple salad before, here’s the “recipe”:

• A handful of right-off-the-vine tomatoes, sliced into eighths
• A bunch of fresh parsley, very roughly cut
• A heavy douse of Extra Virgin olive oil
• A little bit of salt

Fair warning: If you don’t make this with fresh ingredients and Extra Virgin olive oil, it’s going to taste gross.

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