Vsnap: One more app from SXSW 2012! [addendum]

My friend Trish poked me after I posted my blog entry yesterday about apps I’m going to try to use at my upcoming wedding. Somehow I forgot to mention the very app she’s a Community Manager for: Vsnap!

What is it? Vsnap lets you record and privately share short, media-rich videos.

How does it work? You log in to Vsnap (with site credentials or Twitter), you hit the big red “RECORD” button, and speak for up to 60 seconds. No software to install or anything, so it’s all very easy to use.

Once you’ve recorded your 60-second-or-less video, you can add other media files to your video — like a link or a relevant document. Only the people you share the Vsnap link with will actually see your video, so what you record can be as private as you like. (For the camera-shy, that’s a big bonus!) And if you want to share your video? Vsnap has nicely streamlined integration with Twitter, so you can Tweet your Vsnap as soon as you record it, if that’s what you want to do.


When did you try this? Technically I knew about Vsnap well before SXSW 2012, but I got to give it a serious test drive at the MassChallenge Bing tent, along with a lot of other fantastic Boston-area (and beyond!) startups. (Can I just add it was so awesome to see so many Boston startups making such a great showing at SXSW?) I tried Vsnap out before SXSW as I know Trish! But as a content strategy and development gal, I vastly prefer to stay behind the camera, so the Vsnap you see above is my first time recording myself using this app.

Party potential: As I mention in my Vsnap above, I can see Vsnaps as a lovely alternative to the standard guestbook or a pricey videographer – a laptop or tablet set up in a corner would let guests share their well wishes. Better still, people who can’t attend can RSVP their regrets with a Vsnap. As almost all my family lives very far away and likely will not be able to attend our wedding, this would be a lovely way to hear and see them.

Apologies, Trish, for the omission the first time!

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