What the eff is my video content strategy?

I got a cool assignment recently (no, seriously!) of writing up a video content strategy. When that assignment fell in my lap, I couldn’t wait to get started — I knew it was going to be a fun challenge in an area that’s still rather undefined.

From my old journalism days, I knew that video was a no-brainer for content. It adds dimension to a story, it is a compelling way to Show and not Tell. And heck, let’s be honest, it is Shiny and Fun as all heck.

But when it comes to video strategy, the first thing we have to ask is not “What are we going to make?” (or even “How are we going to make this?”) but “WHY are we making this?” It’s not a question to shut down any conversation. Ideally it should flesh out the real goal for the video. After all, just as putting a newspaper article online was never a successful way to transition online, taking plain written content and putting it in front of a camera is not an effective way to get eyeballs for a video. Shovelware is still shovelware, no matter the format.

Once we push past the “ooh, shiny!” part of video and get at what really needs to be shared and communicated and how it can make the most of the video format, we start getting honest about what really makes a good video — not just for the company/client, but also for the viewer. And ultimately, that means more views and — more importantly! — more user engagement.

And when it comes to content, no matter the format, engagement is what it’s all about.

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(Blog title shamelessly inspired by the fabulous — but rather profane — What the *bleep* is my social media strategy?)