Wordless Wednesday #9 (sorta)

OK, not totally wordless this time. I have to preface this by saying this post is specifically for my brother, who happens to live on a remote island that’s a tropical paradise pretty much every day of the year. Jealous. So I know he loves it there, but sometimes you just want to see a little snow. (Maybe.) So bro, this post is for you, even though I’m sure you don’t miss the cold.

Link to the full set: Blizzard of January 12 2011, photowalk in the woods [Flickr set]
Tons of photos (and one video) from the woods during today’s blizzard below:

Light orange and yellows

Snow on the dead bark

A path that leads...?

Medium shot of the birch


What's left of the birch grove

Flaky peely bark

I can see the house from here!

Darkness, light


That rock

All paths lead here

You can see the path I took here

Jan 12 2011 blizzard #viewfrommywindow #bosblizz