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Make sure to view my LinkedIn profile for my full professional background, as well as recommendations from former coworkers and clients.

Information Security Blogs

Below is a sample of my public, bylined infosec blogs for Naked Security. These blogs are targeted at an audience with little to moderate information security knowledge, and the goal is to educate on important privacy and security topics without relying on jargon or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

Video Content

I’m very much at home behind a camera and in the editing suite. I’m fortunate that I’ve had a lot of opportunity over the years to work on a wide variety of corporate projects. Below are just a few samples of the many videos I’ve created.

Community & Social Media Engagement video: Holiday Thank You Card 2015

Yearly holiday thank-you card to let the community and customers know how much they’re appreciated. Short and sweet for maximum social media play, as this was heavily shared across social channels and our community site.

Product feature demo: 2 Minute Takes

This was a soup-to-nuts video production, where I worked on all aspects from scripting to filming to final publication. This was part of a three-part series that was used and updated for a little over a year.

Educational video – Whiteboard Wednesdays


Working with a variety of internal experts, this weekly series has continued for several years and continues to grow. I’m proud to say I was part of the team that got this project off the ground and worked on its production for the first two years. On many of the early Whiteboard Wednesdays not only was I working behind the camera on filming and post-processing, but my drawings were on the whiteboard too (as they are in the case of the example above). I consider it to be the sign of a great success when a series I helped start continues long after I’ve moved on to other things, and this series is no exception.

Talent Acquisition branding video: At The Movies

I’ve made a number of these over the years. They’ve ranged from straightforward to downright kooky, always to showcase the unique personalities at work and to help potential new employees self-select — after all, if they found the videos a turn-off, they likely wouldn’t be a good fit.

Below are just a few examples:

These were purposely quick-hit, lower-polish videos meant to show off the quirky personality of the employees without marketing veneer.

Educational video: Addressing a significant customer pain point

We created this video to educate prospects, customers and the general public about a time-sensitive issue, as this particular attack was prevalent in the news at the time and a particular pain point for customers. We referenced this video heavily in a great deal of outbound content and blog posts, so this also served as a brand-awareness video to establish expertise. This video was one of the top performers on the channel at the time, and received nearly 10k views in its first few months online, which was high performance for a technical video by a B2B firm at the time.

Brand awareness video: Promoting specialized in-house expertise

This video was purposely higher production value, and we collaborated with a video studio for the filming. We wanted to highlight the fantastic experts working for our customers and have them directly address major customer questions and pains. This video complemented existing corporate content (such as print collateral and blogs), and was used for playback in tradeshow booths and showcased on the website.

PR video – Quick response to winning a major award

To make the most of breaking news, production has to move fast. For this I used existing b-roll and scripted voice over and new footage, edited together this promotional movie together in hours to create a YouTube response to breaking news that we had won a major regional award.

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