What I Do

I help tech and information security companies develop their content across channels, from social media to multimedia. I also help companies improve their social media presence and return on investment.

While I pride myself on my ideas, I’m also happy to dig in and do the heavy lifting. From ideation and creation through to publication, publicizing, and optimizing—I’m there every step of the way.

I like to translate geek-speak into language more people can understand. My background in computer science and journalism helps me parse technical knowledge and broadcast both its nuance and core meaning to a wider audience. I’m especially passionate about helping people better understand privacy and security news and issues, which is why I contribute to sites like NakedSecurity and appear as a frequent guest on the Smashing Security podcast.

My Specializations

Content Strategy, Management & Development

  • Multimedia content creation
  • Cross-channel content promotion and repurposing
  • Content audits and realignment
  • Style and tone of voice development

None of us consume content in just one way, which is why I believe that the core idea for content really sings when it’s adapted for a variety of channels. Making content, regardless of format, takes quite a bit of work and resources, so my philosophy is to squeeze every drop out of content: Reformat it, plan a robust promotion campaign around it, make sure that people can consume it in a variety of ways so it reaches the widest possible audience.

Social Media Strategy & Management

  • Social channel audits
  • Campaign management
  • Tone of voice development
  • Team enablement

Who I Work With

The vast majority of clients I work with are in the information security space, though I also engage with clients in the information technology space in general.

I work with clients in varying levels of size and business maturity. Some examples of past and present clients include:

  • Brand-new startups in angel rounds in need of corporate messaging development, investor pitch and/or sales enablement content
  • Series A and B startups with no in-house marketing in need of content marketing muscle and day-to-day social media support
  • Medium-sized companies with some in-house marketing resources in need of content and social media best practice guidance and audits, project and campaign support
  • Public, large multinational enterprises in need of supplemental content or social media support

If you’d like to learn more about how I might help you, I’d be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch!

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